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Vitor Pumps Pacifico

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It's clash of the he-man titans when hairy Latino studs Dominic Pacifico and dark Afro-Brazilian cocksman Vitor Guedes meet and mate. Dominic leans in to nibble on the furry chest of Guedes but can barely get close enough when his huge coffee-colored tool pokes out in front like a flagpole. He drops to his knees to suck it. "Fuck that's a juicy dick!" Dominic groans as his throat is invaded by the beercan-thick mansplitter. When they sink to the couch and Pacifico keeps slurping at the long foreskin, his legs involuntarily spread open. "You gonna fuck me with that?" he pleads. Bearded Vitor stuffs his face with Dominic's uncut tool as they prepare for the main event.

Vitor slobbers and spits on Dominic's open hole. "Get it nice and wet for that big fuckin' dick!", and Guedes obliges, slowly prods Pacifico with his fat stiff cock. As he speeds up Dominic starts pushing back into every hard pump. Guedes yanks his tool out almost to the head and rams back inside. His tatted muscular body slams against Pacifico's perfect round ass. Dominic braces his arm at the top of the sofa and keeps his butt six inches above Guedes as the powerful top plows in from below. "More, fuck me more!" Dominic begs as his ass is crammed with sweaty Latino bareback dick. Pacifico's ass is a wide-open donut when Vitor pulls out and splatters it with a hefty load of steaming manjuice. He plows back in, still spraying his sperm.