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Christian's the Boss Bottom

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When Christian Matthews grabs hairy Harry's cock you know nothing's about to get between him and a dick. Not a bossy bottom, Christian is a BOSS who knows how bad he needs hot spurting raw cock, in his mouth, in his ass or preferably both. Before you know it he's sprawled across the table with his ass up and hole wide open for Harry to eat out. Christian's crack is overgrown with a thatch of fuzzy hair that tickles Harry's furry nuts with every powerful thrust as he aims to plant his seed inside.

Harry's hairy all over, from dark thick hair to heavy beard to curly black body hair on chest, legs and butt, and his nuts are ready to explode in Christian's starved asshole. Christian once again takes charge when he manspreads across Harry's lap and rams his butthole down onto that long straining raw cock. At this point all the dirty words have devolved to moans, gurgles and the slap of ass against balls and pubic bone. Christian slows to a deep erotic grind as he impales himself to the depths. Harry turns him onto his back and spits in Christian's face as he gets ready to spray his load. Both bareback studs are gasping for breath as Harry's grabs Christian by the hips and drills his cock in. Christian is beyond holding back and lets his sperm splash fly. He slides three fingers into Harry's hole and pushes him over the edge into a powerful creamy splatter that drips down into Christian's hairy tatted tits.