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Hans Gives Jace the Full Service

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Hans Berlin is in a mood to serve, and Jace is just the guy whose dick will get that extra special attention. Hans starts right out slurping down Jace's big tan cock and low hanging nuts, and from his moans we can tell he's INTO it. Jace's hips start pumping his prick across Hans' face and then fucking it down the hot muscle daddy's cockstarved throat. "Get it nice and ready for your ass," Jace tells his sex-crazed bottom stud. "I love torturing you with my dick!" Hans' legs are spring-loaded and pop up into position at the thought of what's cumming.

But it's over on hands and knees with butt raised and ready that does the trick for Jace. He pounds his prick in balls deep as Hans grinds back to meet every thrust. Jace pulls out all the way, then rams his raw cock back in to the root as Hans growls out his approval. Holding Hans' head down to the pillow, Jace gives it to him as hard as he wants. "Fuckit, FUCK it!" Hans bellows and Jace wraps an arm around his throat. He tweaks Hans nips when Hans turns to ride that cock. With one hand grabbing Hans by the ankle and the other bracing against the headboard, Jace races to the edge. He gives Hans a hearty slap when he begs, "Fuck the cum out of me, PLEASE!" and sperm starts spraying all over. Then it's Jace's turn as he aims his sticky load across the hungry bottom's face and into his gaping mouth.